Uzbek youth may study for free at Chinese universities

The document was signed at the talks between the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic and the Chinese officials.

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Uzbekistan Kongratbai Sharipov held a meeting with Chairman of the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China Erkin Tuniyaz. The parties signed an agreement on the allocation of scholarships to Uzbek students to study in China, the press office of the Government of Uzbekistan reported.

The document regulates cooperation between educational and research institutions of the two countries and promotes the exchange of experience in education and technology, as well as the exchange of scientists and faculty members.

In accordance with the agreement, each year the Chinese side will provide a list of universities in China where Uzbek young people can study and information about scholarship programmes. For its part, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Uzbekistan will provide a list of applicants recommended for admission to educational institutions in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Scholarship applicants must have a certain Chinese language proficiency level, but if necessary, they can attend language courses to prepare for their studies. A scholarship awarded to young people is high enough to cover insurance (including health insurance) and some living expenses.

03 04 2024, 09:10
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