Economist announces effective tools for controlling prices in Kyrgyzstan

There are the mechanisms that will stabilize prices and not cause the economy to collapse.

Kyrgyzstan continues taking measures to curb the rise in prices for socially important goods. The Government has approved an action plan for 2024 to reduce price inflation for important food products.

In his interview with Sputnik, an economist Kubat Rakhimov said the state has several tools that can help effectively control prices without compromising free trade.

He mentioned the State Material Reserves Fund and the retail market as key tools for solving most of the problems with prices for important goods. Rakhimov stressed that it is important not to disrupt the market and exhaust reserves, but instead take temporary measures to prevent speculation.

The economist also noted that the Ministry of Economy should support companies that ensure the availability of strategic goods in the country and help them solve the problems to avoid shortages. Rakhimov concluded that the state should act as a regulator and stimulator and not interfere in functions that are not inherent to it.

04 03 2024, 09:35
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