Tajik kindergartens to be brought in line with international standards

The World Bank-funded programme will run until 2026.

On February 19, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Tajikistan Ziyadullo Abdulzoda and international consultant Sherry Le Motti discussed improving the conditions at preschool institutions and bringing them in line with international standards during the meeting in Dushanbe, the Khovar National News Agency reported referring to the Ministry of Education of the Republic.

The interlocutors considered various ways to engage children in preschool education in Tajikistan. They discussed the alternative forms, as well as the benefits of international practices. For example, the Early Childhood Development to Build Tajikistan’s Human Capital Project, implemented with the support of the World Bank, is aimed at increasing access to preschool education for children.

The total project cost for 2020-2026 is $73 million. The project will be implemented in 14 cities and districts of Tajikistan, including Mir Sayyid Alii Hamadoni, Vakhsh and Kubodiyon, among others.

22 02 2024, 07:58
Photo source: maorif.tj

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