Tajikistan set to reduce electricity losses to 10%

The Republic is set to complete the construction of the Rogun hydropower plant.

The energy companies in Tajikistan must reduce electricity losses to 10 percent of the amount received, TASS reported. This statement was made by Minister of Energy and Water Resources Daler Juma at the Tajikistan-Germany Investment Forum.

The Minister emphasised that Tajikistan has undertaken commitments to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity losses by up to 10 percent. The major measures aimed at fulfilling this task is to complete the construction of the Rogun hydropower plant that started in the Soviet period. This ambitious project will boost electricity generation.

Daler Juma noted that Tajikistan will continue modernising the existing energy facilities, which were built in the 1950-60s. In the next 15-20 years, it is planned to launch another 5,700 MWh of energy facilities, the work on which has started.

07 09 2023, 11:18
photo source: Wikimedia.org / Sosh19632

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