Rustami Emomali visits Smart City Centre in Beijing

The Chairman of Dushanbe is currently on an official visit to China.

On August 21, Chairman of Dushanbe Rustami Emomali visited the Smart City Exhibition and Testing Centre in Haidian District of Beijing, China. He learned about the innovative achievements of the Centre during his visit, the Khovar National News Agency reported.

Smart City is an advanced concept that can significantly improve transport network operations, optimize energy consumption, simplify management processes and improve safety. Moreover, it ensures active citizen participation in the urban life and contributes to creating a harmonious environment and improving the quality of life.

Today, China is leading the way in creating smart cities with advanced monitoring, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. These technologies help simplify the management of cities and public spaces, as well as facilitate smart city initiatives.

As reported, on August 21, Rustami Emomali met with Mayor of Beijing Ying Yong during his official visit to the People’s Republic of China.

23 08 2023, 12:46
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