MIIT delegation visits plant of Uzbekistan’s automotive industry

The working group members were informed about the plans of the Uzavtomotors automotive plant to increase car production.

The working group of the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade of Uzbekistan, headed by Deputy Minister Olimkhon Rustamov, visited an automotive plant of the Uzavtomotors Joint-Stock Company, the press office of the Ministry reported.

The working group members were informed about the plans of the plant to increase the production of new Tracker-2 and Onyx cars. Along with the increase in production, Uzavtomotors expects significant increases in orders for components from the suppliers of the automobile plant.

The Uzavtomotors plant produces Chevrolet cars and minibuses in Uzbekistan. Automotive production has been set up in cooperation with 390 enterprises. On average, it takes from 14 to 18 hours to assemble one unit. More than 7,700 parts are used to produce a car, more than half of which are produced at the enterprises in Andijan Region. These include Uz Tong Hong Co, Uz Sam Yung Co, Uz Avto Austem, Auto Climate Control LLC, Autocomponent LLC, Multi Business Company LLC. They supply fuel tanks, seats, cooling systems, paint and varnish products, mufflers and plastic interior parts to Uzavtomotors.

The working groups of the Ministry continue to visit the enterprises throughout the country to learn about their activities.

29 05 2023, 08:49
Photo source: miit.uz

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