Alikhan Smailov discusses plans to implement investment projects with GE Healthcare

The parties agreed to elaborate on a framework partnership agreement, which will allow consolidating mid-term plans of cooperation.

On April 6, Chairman of the Government of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held talks with General Director of GE Healthcare in Russia and the CIS Elena Legezina. The interlocutors discussed the plans to implement new investment projects in Kazakhstan and other opportunities for bilateral cooperation, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported to

«Given the high reputation of GE Healthcare as one of the world’s biggest medical equipment manufacturers, we support the implementation of new projects and are interested in deepening our partnerships,» Smailov emphasised.

The Director General of GE Healthcare said the company sees great potential in deploying its activities in Kazakhstan, noting that the development of a project to localize production of ultrasound machines and computed tomographs in Kazakhstan is underway.

Legezina emphasised that the company can bring high-tech equipment and concepts and approaches to the treatment of oncological and cardiovascular diseases to the Republic. The company is planning to open 2 academies in Astana and Almaty, where Kazakh specialists will learn how to operate equipment and acquire new medical techniques.

The company intends to assist Kazakhstan in digital transformation in healthcare and the localization of medical equipment services.

08 04 2023, 09:58
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