Government of Kazakhstan discusses leisure-time activities of schoolchildren

The meeting, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Kulginov, focused on the measures to promote intellectual development in the younger generation.

On March 27, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Altay Kulginov held a meeting to discuss the leisure needs of schoolchildren and their intellectual development through extracurricular activities, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.

The regional officials of the Ministry of Education took part in the meeting. They discussed the measures taken to promote leisure-time activities of schoolchildren during the summer holidays, build new recreation centres and centres for intellectual development and reconstruct and modernise existing ones.

According to the Ministry, there are currently 218 children’s recreation centres in Kazakhstan, of which 120 are state-owned and 98 are private. It is planned to build new training and recreation centres in all the regions by 2027, which will increase the number of children spending school holidays at summer centres by 25 percent and at year-round centres by an average of 2 times.

The construction will be funded on a per capita basis by allocating the necessary amounts from the budgets of local executive bodies and attracting investors. The construction of 100 centres for intellectual development will be funded by allocating the necessary amounts from the republican budget.

With the aim of ensuring 100% involvement of children in extracurricular activities, it is planned to establish community centres in rural areas and reconstruct existing centres for intellectual development.

29 03 2023, 10:01
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