Zhaparov gives instructions on how to solve smog, parking and garbage problems

The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers emphasised that these problems, in particular smog pollution, are being neglected.

On March 28, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Akylbek Zhaparov held a working meeting at the Bishkek Mayor’s Office to discuss the solutions to such urban problems as smog pollution, increased traffic and garbage collection. The Chairman of the Government paid special attention to reducing smog pollution, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reported.

He instructed to set up a working group headed by the Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision, which would be responsible for addressing the above issues.

He said the problem needs to be solved on the three fronts through improving the quality of coal supplied to the Bishkek thermal power plant and conducting a technical audit of all the filters of this thermal power plant, developing and submitting for review a financial feasibility model of gasification of the residential areas within 14 days and automating traffic flow management focusing on the number of vehicles, including trucks, entering the capital city.

Zhaparov said Kyrgyz drivers use the carriageway, and sometimes sidewalks as parking places. In this regard, he noted that buses must be equipped with a video camera which would record any vehicles parked incorrectly.

29 03 2023, 09:57
Photo source: gov.kg

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