Turkmen Ambassador presents Arkadag city to Permanent Representatives of CIS states

Nazarguly Shaguliyev noted that it is being built using advanced technologies.

A presentation of Arkadag city, the new administrative center of Ahal province of Turkmenistan, took place at a meeting of the Council of Permanent Plenipotentiary Representatives of the CIS Member States to the bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States, in the capital of Belarus. It was reported to CentralAsia.news by the press office of the CIS Executive Committee.

The information was provided by the diplomatic representative of Turkmenistan in Belarus Nazarguly Shaguliyev. He paid attention to the progress of the construction of the city. According to him, innovative solutions are used in the relevant direction.

The ambassador underlined that advanced technologies and international environmental standards will be integrated into Arkadag. The emphasis was also placed on care about people. Construction is carried out by Turkmen companies.

As part of the presentation, a video about the new administrative center of Ahal province of Turkmenistan was also shown. It demonstrated that it will be a «smart city» created for the comfortable life of its inhabitants.

It must be added that about 1.5 billion dollars were allocated for the implementation of the corresponding project.

02 02 2023, 07:53
Photo source: cis.minsk.by

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