«Artyk» checkpoint becomes best customs post in Turkmenistan

The results of the competition were summed up in honor of the «Defender of the Fatherland Day».

Turkmenistan held a competition for the «Customs Post of the Year» and «The Best Customs Officer». The results of the event were summed up as part of the celebration of the «Defender of the Fatherland Day». When selecting the best checkpoint, various factors were taken into account. It was reported to CentralAsia.news by the press office of the State Customs Service.

In the nomination «Customs Post of the Year» the first place was taken by the «Artyk» checkpoint. It is located in the Kaahka district, Ahal province, on the border between Turkmenistan and Iran. The post inspects the passage of cars and citizens.

When choosing the best checkpoint, the organizing committee took into account such factors as the work of the post, the effectiveness of its fight against offenses, the level of professionalism of the relevant employees, as well as the scope of work in the field of promoting sports and culture in 2022.

The participants of the competition thanked President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the good conditions he created for the customs officers.

31 01 2023, 08:47
Photo source: customs.gov.tm

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