EDB to invest over $1.1 billion in Kazakh economy in 2023

The Bank will facilitate foreign investments into the projects in Kazakhstan’s industrial, agro-industrial, green energy and other sectors.

On January 26, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev met with Chairman of the Management Board of the Eurasian Development Bank Nikolai Podguzov who reported on the work done, cooperation plans between EDB and Kazakhstan and projections for the coming period, the press office of Akorda reported to CentralAsia.news.

This year the financial institution intends to invest over $1.1 billion in Kazakhstan and facilitate foreign investment in the projects in Kazakhstan’s transport, logistics, industrial, agro-industrial, green energy and water sectors, Podguzov said.

Tokayev was informed about the progress of the implementation of the cross-country integration projects, including the construction of the Ayagoz-Bakhty railway and the border crossing on the Kazakh-Chinese border and the modernisation of the Astrakhan-Mangyshlak water pipeline.

The Chairman of the Bank informed the Kazakh leader about the upcoming meeting of the Association of Development Financial Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, scheduled to take place in Almaty on May 15-17. The event will bring together more than 80 organisations from 40 countries, international institutions and ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian countries to discuss investment in the economy of Kazakhstan and the EAEU.

28 01 2023, 09:56
photo source: akorda.kz

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