Alarko Holding to implement new investment projects in Kazakhstan

The prospects for the implementation of new investment projects in the energy, railway and road construction, water treatment and other sectors were discussed.

On January 20, Prime Minister of the Government of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov met with CEO at Alarko Holding Umit Nuri Yildiz to discuss the possibility of implementing new promising investment projects in the energy, railway and road construction, water treatment, waste processing and other sectors, the press office of the Government of Kazakhstan reported to

The Prime Minister said the Turkish company plays an important role in implementing major infrastructure projects in the country. In particular, he noted that the Big Almaty Ring Road project in Almaty Region is nearing completion.

«As far as I know, the company is ready to use the freed-up qualified resource, fleet of machinery and equipment to implement other projects in Kazakhstan. We are ready to discuss in detail the prospects of our cooperation,» the Prime Minister emphasised.

The Prime Minister added that the current investment pool of Kazakhstan contains about 850 promising projects in various economic sectors.

The Turkish businessman said he was ready to thoroughly explore the pool and cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan in finalising the list of potential projects.

23 01 2023, 10:21
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