ADB reports that Tajikistan has the cleanest power sector in the world

This evaluation is based on low levels of GHG emissions.

The Asian Development Bank has issued a new report on the development prospects of the power sectors in the states of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Mongolia, Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China. ADB experts provided a high evaluation to the power sector of the Republic of Tajikistan, the press office of the Asian Development Bank reported to

ADB experts emphasised that Tajikistan has the cleanest power sector in the world due to low levels of GHG emissions. Tajikistan has an abundance of hydropower resources that generate about 98% of all electricity in the country.

The total electricity generation capacity in Tajikistan is over 6 GW. According to ADB experts, hydropower generation will play a leading role in Tajikistan’s electricity system until at least 2030.

Foreign economists recommends that the Tajik authorities take additional measures to support renewable energy projects and improve the national legislation for energy efficiency.

18 01 2023, 10:59
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