Development prospects of Uzbekistan’s industry discussed in Tashkent

A meeting on the implementation of the new industrial strategy took place at the reorganized Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade.

On January 4, a meeting on the development prospects of Uzbekistan’s industry and the progress of the implementation of investment projects took place at the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade of Uzbekistan, the press office of the Ministry reported.

Representatives of the industry associations, banks and local authorities and ministry officials attended the meeting chaired by Minister Laziz Kudratov.

The participants discussed the issues related to the Industrial Development Strategy, the development of a modern regulatory and legal framework to ensure the comprehensive implementation of the new industrial policy, the expansion of industrial capacities and the professional training of industrial personnel.

Following the meeting, the ad-hoc working groups were set up. They are tasked to inspect the current situation and work out measures aimed at increasing production and industrial capacities at existing enterprises.

The working group members will explore the possibilities of implementation of 1,100 investment projects in the industrial sector jointly with domestic entrepreneurs and identify the problems faced by industrialists and entrepreneurs.

The participants discussed the draft laws On Industry and On Industry Development Strategies in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

06 01 2023, 09:34
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