Minister of Health of Uzbekistan inspects hospitals

The Minister visited the medical institutions in Tashkent to inspect the work of the medical staff on New Year’s Eve.

On the night of December 31 to January 1, Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Amrillo Inoyatov visited the hospitals in the capital city to inspect the work of the medical staff during the holidays, the press office of the Ministry of Health reported to

«Problems in hospitals cannot be solved by sitting in the office. That’s why we send officials to the field. Each of us tries to see the real situation with our own eyes, study and analyse it and find the best solution to the existing problems as soon as possible,» the official emphasised.

As was reported, 1,049 family clinics, 1,080 family medicine centres, district, regional and republican hospitals, training medical centres, polyclinics at medical universities and the Emergency Care Research Centre are open during the holidays. Doctors and nurses at 13 district branches of the research centre, 181 emergency departments at the district and interdistrict centres are on duty around the clock and provide care to patients with joint fractures and acute vascular diseases.

04 01 2023, 12:30
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