First League Chess Championship takes place in Turkmenistan

The participants of the intellectual competition were men and women.

At the Specialized Chess and Checkers School of the capital of Turkmenistan, the First League Chess Championship among men and women was held. The winners of the intellectual competition will take part in the major league championship. It was reported by the electronic newspaper «Golden Age».

Yusup Bayramgeldiyev, the coach from the Geoktepe etrap, Akhal province, won the first place among men. He scored 8.5 points in nine rounds. The best result among women was shown by Meriyem Agajanova, a student of the Specialized Chess and Checkers School. She also managed to score 8.5 points.

The winners of the championship, who took second and third places, were Allayar Shirliyev, 16-year-old school student Amanmuhammed Hommadov, students of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports Ogulsuray Bayrambayeva and Jennet Durdiyeva.

The Major League Chess Championship of Turkmenistan will take place in February next year. Twelve of the strongest chess players of the country will take part in the event. The winners of the tournament will become part of the national team and will present the state at the international level.

27 12 2022, 09:34
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