Neutrality of Turkmenistan became phenomenon for world community

According to columnist Mikhail Stolonogov, the country has been following the neutral course for 27 years.

Exactly 27 years ago, the Resolution of the UN General Assembly on the recognition and support of the status of permanent neutrality proclaimed by Turkmenistan was adopted. As part of the chosen foreign policy course, the country has achieved impressive results. In an interview to, columnist Mikhail Stolonogov spoke about the importance of Turkmen neutrality for the people and the world community.


December 12, 1995, the day of the adoption of the UN Resolution on the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, became a landmark event not only for Turkmenistan, but for the entire Central Asian region, which for centuries served as a place for political and military confrontation between the great powers, an arena of internal contradictions and civil strife. It was a phenomenon, and such a case was a unique one in the history of the world. The neutrality of Turkmenistan was recognized by the Community of Nations unanimously. Turkmenistan became an independent member of the UN. The country got the opportunity to assist this supreme organization in supporting peace and goodness throughout the world.

The emergence of yet another neutral state has become a sensation in the history of world diplomacy. The neutral status once again demonstrated the peace-loving policy of the Turkmen people. 

And now, after 27 years, Turkmenistan once again confirms its chosen course of Neutrality. Turkmenistan has never deviated from its righteous path and in the future it will continue the policy of neutrality.

The only right choice 

Obviously, the choice to become a neutral state was timely and the only right one, because thanks to its neutral status, Turkmenistan was able to begin solving the most important strategic tasks of socio-economic significance. Their successful implementation is evidenced, first of all, by the high dynamics of economic growth, which allowed Turkmenistan to gain great prestige in the international arena in such a short time.

For the world community, the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan was not only an established phenomenon in the system of international relations, but also a mechanism for combining geopolitical interests, an important factor in regional stability and establishing a dialogue between the warring parties. 

International Day of Neutrality

In recent years, at the initiative of Turkmenistan, the UN General Assembly adopted more than a dozen resolutions on topical issues of our time, but the unanimous adoption of a resolution on declaring December 12 the International Day of Neutrality stands out. The Turkmen state can rightly be proud of it, because the unique model of neutrality has made a significant contribution to the aspirations of all mankind, engaged in the search for a universal formula for harmony and fruitful cooperation.

New content of foreign policy

The Turkmen people understand the inseparability of «independence» and «neutrality». These two concepts define the fate chosen by the country, a new era of the Turkmen people, confidently moving towards their goals.

The neutrality is not the only component of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy. On the contrary, it responds to the challenges of the time, every year it is being filled with new content based on the conceptual ideas of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

13 12 2022, 15:59
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