Parliament of Tajikistan adopts State Budget for 2023

Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kakhhorzoda presented this document for review to the lower chamber of the Majlisi Oli.

On December 1, the parliamentarians discussed the draft State Budget for the next year, which was previously approved by the Government, at the regular meeting of the Majlisi Namoyandagon of the Republic of Tajikistan. Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kakhhorzoda presented this document for review, the press office of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan reported to

The Minister noted that the State Budget prioritises the expenditures on social protection. He stressed that the budget revenues will stand at more than 37.1 billion somoni, and the budget expenditures – at 38.1 billion somoni. According to his forecast, the revenue performance will increase by 12.3%, or by 4.1 billion somoni in 2023 compared to the current year.

He emphasised that the budget expenditures will increase by more than 4.5 billion somoni. The budget deficit will be 0.8% of GDP. It is planned to allocate 7.2 billion somoni for the improvements in the education sector, and 9.4 billion somoni for social protection. 3.4 billion somoni will be allocated to pay the external debt.

The draft State Budget was developed to effectively support the social and economic policy to ensure the sustainable economic development of the country. It is aimed at reducing the impact of negative factors, developing real infrastructure sectors and improving living standards of citizens.

02 12 2022, 11:48
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