Ashgabat discuss preferential tariffs for transportation along North-South corridor

Sergey Pavlov noted that the representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran are systematically working on this issue.

At the XVII International Forum-Exhibition TRANSTEC Sergey Pavlov, first Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways, announced that the company will introduce preferential tariffs for rail transportation along the eastern branch of the North-South transport corridor in 2023, as reported by «TASS».

According to him, at the moment, representatives of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are working to ensure the seamlessness of the entire service. Pavlov added that an agreement on preferential tariffs has already been reached. From the new year shippers will use a single cross-cutting tariff throughout this route.

He also recalled that in October this year, a regular container train was launched along the eastern branch of the North-South transport corridor. The train leaves Chekhov and then follows through the territory of Kazakhstan to the Serakhs station in Turkmenistan, where the containers are reloaded onto a narrow gauge and sent to the Bandar Abbas port in Iran.

Russian Railways expects that by 2025 the total volume of export traffic in the eastern direction of thу International North–South Transport Corridor may exceed 5 million tons per year.

02 12 2022, 11:29
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