Citizens in Kazakhstan warned about responsibility for illegal actions

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic urged citizens of Kazakhstan not to succumb to the appeals to participate in destructive activities on the day of the presidential elections.

In his address to citizens of Kazakhstan, Deputy Prosecutor General Zhandos Umiraliyev recommended that they avoid getting involved in provocative actions of the banned organisations in the country. He also urged citizens not to participate in illegal actions on the day of the early presidential elections, which are scheduled to be held on November 20, the Vlast information resource reported.

The Deputy Prosecutor General informed that the calls to hold and participate in unauthorized rallies and other destructive and illegal actions are posted on Internet resources. Umiraliyev noted that any actions of such organisations, involved in terrorist or violent extremist activities, are prohibited by international and national laws.

He emphasised that the law prohibits activities “aimed at undermining state security” and establishes responsibility for such activities. He also noted that law enforcement agencies would strictly suppress any violations and impute all the necessary measures to those who violated the law.

Umiraliyev informed that the Committee of National Security together with the prosecutor’s offices has recently supressed the illegal actions and plans of a criminal group of seven people. These people planned to organise mass riots and attacks on government agencies on the election day.

21 11 2022, 12:14
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