Khaitbayeva: Turkmen-Uzbek festival helps keep ancestral traditions and customs alive

The Friendship Festival of the peoples of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan ended in Dashoguz Region.

Dashoguz hosted the Friendship Festival of the peoples of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on November 16-17. In an interview with, a guest from Uzbekistan, Kamalya Khaitbayeva said cultural events at this level help keep the ancestral traditions and customs of the two nations alive.

Ms. Khaitbayeva, tell us where you are from and what you do?

I live in Tashkent and manage five training centres of artistic sewing, beadwork and knitting clothes and accessories with national motifs and patterns. I also have a store that sells these products.

Who is trained in your centres?

The centres specialize in teaching needlework to the unemployed, as well as to all interested women and girls. To date, these educational institutions have helped more than 1,500 people acquire useful skills.

How do you evaluate the Festival in terms of cultural interaction?

I am happy to know that the peoples of the two countries honour their traditions and maintain their customs. The Festival helps strengthen interethnic and regional cultural ties, as well as promote the ideas of unity and good neighbourliness.

Can you share your impressions about the atmosphere of the Festival?

It’s not just a festival. This is a significant phenomenon in the cultural and creative life of the two fraternal peoples. I am expressing my deep gratitude to the organisers, who have done a tremendous job. All events were successful and spectacular.

19 11 2022, 12:51
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