Huawei: Turkmentel-2022 is an effective platform for demonstrating digital technologies

An employee of the Chinese company Ma Xiaole evaluated the opportunities offered by the IT exhibition in Ashgabat.

The Deputy General Manager at Huawei said the Turkmentel-2022 international exhibition in Ashgabat is a good opportunity for companies to exchange experiences in the field of digital technologies, the SNG.Today online edition reports.

Ma Xiaole emphasised that such events encourage successful networking. Turkmentel-2022 is a good platform for establishing business contacts and exchanging experiences in the telecom industry. In this context, he emphasised that Huawei intends to participate in such events on an ongoing basis.

The foreign guest noted that Huawei provides assistance to Turkmen specialists in improving their skills and making comprehensive solutions to support equipment installation and upgrades. He added that the company has its own digital solutions for the energy and oil and gas sectors.

The Huawei representative noted that one of the major projects implemented by his company in Turkmenistan is the 4G network coverage of the large cities of the country – Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi. The number of 4G users in Turkmenistan has increased dramatically with the installation of this equipment.

14 11 2022, 10:00
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