Emomali Rahmon: more young people involved in extremist groups

The Tajik leader addressed the international conference on countering terrorism and extremism in Dushanbe.

On October 18, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon addressed the High-Level Conference on “International and Regional Border Security and Management Cooperation to Counter Terrorism and Prevent the Movement of Terrorists”, which is taking place in Dushanbe, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reports.

Rahmon said terrorist groups is proliferating and use modern technology to perform terrorist attacks.

“Terrorist groups are taking advantage of this situation, expanding extremist activities, gaining more and more recruits from among young people and inciting and committing terrorist attacks, including using information and communication technologies,” the Tajik leader said.

Rahmon noted that today extremist organisations and groups use advanced information applications to achieve their nefarious goals.

He informed that militants are sent from the Middle East to strengthen the position of terrorist organisations in Afghanistan.

Following the Conference, the Dushanbe Declaration on border security and border control to counter terrorism and prevent the movement of terrorists will be adopted.

20 10 2022, 13:10
Photo source: president.tj

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