Berdimuhamedov congratulates healthcare workers

The leader of Turkmenistan focused on the use of innovative methods of treating diseases in the country.

On October 9, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov congratulated workers of Turkmenistan’s health sector and medical industry. The President stressed that over the years of independence, the country has made great progress in introducing modern methods and innovative technologies for medical diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases, the Turkmenistan: Golden Age News Agency reported.

Berdimuhamedov emphasised that the national healthcare system has improved significantly. Modern health facilities, clinical research centres and pharmaceutical enterprises are being built throughout the country. Turkmenistan is conducting large-scale work to improve the health of citizens. The country is implementing the national programmes on immunisation, prevention of non-communicable diseases, tobacco control and maternal and child health care.

The Turkmen leader focused on the collaboration with international organisations. In particular, he noted cooperation with WHO on prevention and control of diabetes mellitus, pathologies of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, mental and oncological diseases.

The President assured that Turkmenistan will continue to enhance multi-vector partnerships with the world community in healthcare and boost scientific contacts and the exchange of best practices. The President added that the state policy priority is to protect the health of citizens.

11 10 2022, 11:29
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