Emomali Rahmon dismisses high-ranking officials in Tajikistan

Personnel changes were made during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

On September 29, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon dismissed two high-ranking officials during a government meeting, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reports.

Director of the Tajik Air Airlines Dilshod Ismatullozoda and Chairman of the State Service for Supervision and Regulation in Transport Sherali Ganjalzoda lost their posts.

As was reported, they were dismissed with the wording “due to the appointment to another position”.

It was not specified to what positions the ex-officials would be appointed.

Parviz Shodmonzoda was appointed Director of the Tajik Air Airlines.

The new head of the Tajik air carrier worked as Deputy Director of the Bokhtar International Airport before his new appointment.

Parviz Shodmonzoda, who worked at Tajik Air, knows the situation well from the inside.

As was reported earlier, Chairman of the Export Development Agency Shavkat Bobozoda was removed from office. The resolution does not report on the reasons for his dismissal.

Earlier this week, the media reported the arrest of Shavkat Bobozoda. The high-ranking official is suspected of large fraud.

01 10 2022, 09:01
Photo source: president.tj

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