Turkmenistan prepares to celebrate 31st anniversary of independence

Stolonogov commented on the high dynamics of development of Turkmenistan over the years of sovereignty.

Citizens of Turkmenistan will celebrate the 31st anniversary of independence on September 27.  A publicist Mikhail Stolonogov shared with the editorial staff of CentralAsia.news historical facts about the development of Turkmenistan as a self-sufficient country that has earned the reputation as a peacemaker in the international arena.

Principles of building a strong state

Turkmenistan is at the threshold of a significant event – the country will celebrate the 31st anniversary of independence. This period is quite insignificant not only by historical standards, but also on the scale of human life. However, during this period, the country has made an unprecedented leap in social and economic development, and today it is moving by leaps and bounds towards its goal – a strong, prosperous state.

After gaining sovereignty, the difficult question of building, almost from scratch, a new state worthy of becoming a full member of the world community has arisen. Then a decision was made, which, as the past years have shown, was one and only true – the principles of state building should rest on the invaluable spiritual foundations of the nation and the age-old history of the Turkmen people. Among them are diligence, solidarity, reverence of the precepts of elders and respect for neighbours.

Economic component

However, a number of other conditions were needed to ensure independent development, such as an effective management system, the efficient functioning of ministries and departments and a strong economy. Therefore, Turkmenistan introduced the national currency unit – Turkmenistan manat to achieve economic independence.

The national currency allowed qualitatively improving interaction among economic entities at the national level and stopping the leakage of Turkmenistan’s wealth abroad and enabled the state to launch the policy of raising living standards.

The history of each country is a chronicle of events from insignificant to epoch-making dates. This chronicle has a specific feature: the more the facts and phenomena that make it up move away from us, the more clearly their genuine role and significance in the context of further development of the state is seen.

People who remember the Turkmenistan of the 1990s feel, according to them, shocked by the progress they have seen in modern Turkmenistan. However, citizens of Turkmenistan know for certain how much effort, labour and creative and spiritual energy had to be spent on building a new state.

“Turkmen experiment”

In 1991, the countdown of the new life of the ancient Turkmen land started. Now the country is celebrating the 31st anniversary of this fateful event. Over these years, a wonderful tradition has been established, when the month abounds to the limit with the crucial and significant events. All together and individually, they testify to the unceasing movement forward, the openness of our country, its desire for a broad constructive dialogue and the high authority of Turkmenistan on the world arena.

I remember the “Turkmen experiment” to produce the most controversial reactions among observers: from aggressive scepticism to unconditional approval. Over time, as the state house was being built, the supporters of the former became less categorical, and by the end of the 1990s, when the dynamics and power of transformations in Turkmenistan became not only irreversible, but also total, the voices of sceptics and ill-wishers vanished in the boundless sea of international recognition, ongoing socio-economic reforms and turbulent national spiritual revival.

The Turkmen people do have something to be proud of! Over three decades, the young independent state has made a breakthrough into the future. The inexhaustible creative energy of the nation, the devotion to the ideals of goodness and creativity, solidarity and the striving for the common good – all this is called the “Turkmen phenomenon” that never ceases to amaze the world.

Turkmenistan in the rhythm of modernity

Modern Turkmenistan is a self-sufficient, dynamically developing country, building in its democratic development on modern state and public institutions and the strong spiritual core of the people, inherited from their valiant ancestors.

Modern Turkmenistan is a grandiose construction site that transforms the quality and standard of living of the people. Many innovative plants and factories have sprung up in the capital city and regions, and the largest enterprises have joined the rapidly growing economic infrastructure. Each industry is being modernised and technically upgraded, switching to the latest technologies. It suffices to cite the fact as an example that about 2,900 facilities totally worth over $38 billion are currently under construction.

Large-scale projects are being implemented in the fuel and energy sector. New hydrocarbon deposits are being developed at an accelerated pace. The electric power industry is growing strong, including through putting gas turbine power plants into operation. The range of chemical products and building materials is expanding; the foundations of the mining, metallurgical and brand-new industries of Turkmen economy have been laid.

Effective steps are being taken to implement the transit and transport potential. Agriculture is on the rise. Turkmenistan’s textile industry is growing strong and conquering new heights with the infrastructure consisting of unique facilities that produce high-quality products that are in high demand in the country and abroad. The Avaza national tourism zone on the Caspian Sea coast, where fashionable health resorts, ultra-modern hotels and sanatoria have spung up, opens up the widest opportunities for Turkmenistan’s tourism industry.

Huge capacities of the national economy and stable GDP growth that annually increases by 6 percent enable Turkmenistan to boost investment in education, science, healthcare, culture and construction and provide additional social benefits to its citizens.

Peace is the key to global security and stability

Turkmenistan, having proclaimed peacefulness and positive neutrality as the key aspects of its policy, is resolutely moving along the chosen path, developing friendly relations with the world community. The country closely cooperates with the major international organisations, in particular the UN, to achieve peace, security and stability on a regional and global scale.

A sovereign Fatherland for every person is a free life and confidence in the future. This year’s anniversary of independence is not just a great celebration – it is a crucial stage in the modern history of Turkmenistan.

27 09 2022, 12:32
Photo source: tmembassy.gov.tm

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