Samarkand airport switches to open skies regime

Starting next month, all restrictions on flights of foreign air carriers to Samarkand will be lifted.

The new international airport of Samarkand will receive international flights without exception, the press office of the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan reports.

On October 1, 2022, the Samarkand International Airport will switch to the open skies regime, which removes all restrictions on flights and destinations for foreign air carriers.

Foreign air carriers have been notified of the removal of restrictions.

Restrictions are removed to enhance the tourism potential of Uzbekistan, attract foreign tourists to this historical region of the country and use the capacities of the international airport designed to receive a great number of passenger and cargo flights.

The open skies regime will enable foreign air carriers to operate flights to Samarkand, regardless of whether an intergovernmental air transport agreement has been concluded.

Samarkand is rightfully regarded as one of the centres of attraction for tourists from all over the country and other states. Recently, the Great Silk Road International Tourist Centre has opened in Samarkand.

26 09 2022, 15:38
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