In Turkmenistan 20 000 children go to summer camps

Young citizens of the country spent time at 27 health centers.

In summer this year, about 20 thousand young citizens of Turkmenistan went to the children’s camps of the Central Asian country. They spent June, July and August at twenty-seven health centers. Some of the camps are located in one of the valleys of the Kopetdag mountain range and on the Caspian coast, as reported by «MIR 24» TV channel.

Teacher of the recreation center «Inspired heirs of the Great Serdar» Batyr Chariyev noted that the water temperature in the pool is maintained at 29-30 degrees Celsius. Swimming session lasts 15 minutes. The water is changed every three days.

In the camps, young citizens of the country have the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, tug of war, chess. When it’s hot, children are engaged in embroidering Turkmen ornaments and folding origami, learning carpet weaving.

«Inspired heirs of the Great Serdar» is one of the oldest children’s health centers in Turkmenistan. It has been working for 15 years. It has a cinema hall, a library. The center provides six meals a day.

19 08 2022, 08:53
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