Landlocked countries stand for development of transport connectivity

It is mentioned in the statement of the Ministerial Transport Conference of Landlocked Developing Countries.

On August 15-16, the Government of Turkmenistan, in cooperation with the UN, organized the Ministerial Transport Conference of Landlocked Developing Countries in the tourist zone «Avaza». The participants of the event marked the importance of developing transport connectivity, as reported by «Turkmenistan today».

The final statement of the forum says that transit traffic is of great importance within the framework of connecting the respective states. According to the ministers, these countries have not fully achieved the SDGs and the transport-related priorities of the Vienna Programme of Action.

The document indicates that landlocked states are lagging behind in the restoration of transport activities after the pandemic. Officials urged the global community to double investment in the development of sustainable transport infrastructure in the countries.

Ministers also called on the international community to promote transport corridors and multimodal transport in landlocked developing states.

Attention was also paid to the importance of accelerating digitalization in order to expand the transit potential and simplify trade procedures, introduce energy sources and technologies with low carbon dioxide emissions in the relevant direction.

Emphasis was also placed on the urgent need for integrating climate-resilient transport systems.

18 08 2022, 12:36
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