President of Kazakhstan reviews progress in national judicial system

The Chairman of the Supreme Court reported on the measures taken jointly with regional authorities to improve non-judicial dispute resolution institutions.

On August 11, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev met with Chairman of the Supreme Court Zhakip Asanov, who reported on the stages of development of the national judicial system, the press office of Akorda reported.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court informed that the number of acquittals for grave and especially grave crimes has increased seven times. Law enforcement authorities are denied permission to arrest in every fifth case, and courts invalidate the actions of employees of investigative and supervisory agencies in every third case.

Asanov reported on innovations in civil justice. Jointly with akimats, courts are developing non-judicial dispute resolution platforms. Specific requirements have been set to notaries, and the jurisdiction of arbitration, legal consultants and labour inspectors has been expanded. As a result, the number of claims to the courts dropped by 2.5 times.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court reported that an extraterritorial classification was introduced into court proceedings this month. Cases are automatically distributed not in the fields of one court, but among the courts throughout the country related to their specialization. This step is another tool to combat corruption, he said.

Commenting on the report, the President highlighted the need to continue to increase judiciary efficiency and take the most responsible approache to hiring employees.

13 08 2022, 12:00
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