Turkmen doctors learn tuberculosis documentation software

WHO experts showed the medical workers how to administer the electronic information system TB-RRIS.

World Health Organization experts Andrey Mechinian and Andrey Kazaku paid a two-week visit to Turkmenistan. They trained local technical and medical staff to administer the tuberculosis documentation software. It was reported by the WHO press office.

The electronic system is called TB-RRIS. It allows users to conduct accounting and reporting of documents in the relevant direction. Members of the state anti-tuberculosis program took part in the training. As part of the visit, a software testing phase was launched. It will last until the end of 2022.

After completion of the testing phase, the piloting phase will be launched. The TB-RRIS system will be installed on the computers at all tuberculosis institutions in Turkmenistan.

The process is implemented as part of the national program to ensure effective control of tuberculosis in 2021-2025. WHO is integrating the respective software together with the Ministry of Health of the Central Asian state.

04 08 2022, 12:10
Photo source: who.int

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