Expert Dubovsky comments on future of Enbek Party in Kazakhstan

The political scientist believes that the creation of an “industrial” party can set a precedent in the Republic.

In the spring, the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan announced its intention to create the Enbek political party. This statement sounded ambitious against the backdrop of the possibility of involving hundreds of construction companies in creating a political organisation.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Union Talgat Yergaliyev emphasised that builders go into politics to influence the adoption of “right laws” in the Republic. Time passes, but there is no real progress in creating the party so far. However, is it worth hoping for the effective work of the future political organisation? Whose interests will Enbek defend, if not limited to the trite phrase: “everything for the people’s sake”? In an interview with the editorial staff of A member of the Sfera Club of political scientists, Igor Dubovsky said he is sceptical about the activities of the future party.

Certain interest

The expert said the desire of the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan to create its own party is absolutely logical. He noted that we are talking about participants in the strong sector of Kazakh economy who decided to go into politics.

“The intention of the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan to create its own political party has quite sensible and objective reasons. Indeed, the construction sector is one of the most capital-intensive in terms of the number of industries involved,” the interlocutor said.

However, the fact that only participants in the construction market are seeking to create a party may illustrate an intention to promote their business interests more effectively, using the levers of power rather than to conduct full-fledged political activity.

“We are talking about the creation of the political party to lobby the interests of the industry and the Union. This is exactly not about politics, this is about personal interests, no matter how good intentions they may be covered up,” the political scientist said.

Igor Dubovsky stressed that although construction is an important sector of the economy of Kazakhstan, the authorities are still trying to maintain a balance by supporting industry, agriculture and the social sector. In Kazakhstan, the construction market is going through a crisis, but other sectors of the economy have no problems. Dubovsky assumes that other organisations may follow the example of the Union of Builders.

“Surely, there are many more such industrial “unions” interested in getting a seat in Parliament to lobby the interests of their industries and businesses. What will this practice lead to?” the political scientist said.

Right policies

The interlocutor is sure that the symbiosis of business and political circles is not the best combination. Dubovsky believes that officials and deputies should be isolated from business circles. In this case, they will rule the country instead of thinking about lobbying the business interests of certain organisations.

The expert stressed that the legislature in the United States is a vivid negative example of “solder” of business and politics.

“Otherwise, the Parliament serves as a tool of redistribution of budgets in the interests of the major groups and clans. A great example is the United States, where lobbying private financial interests is enshrined in law,” Dubovsky explained.

The political scientist reminded that business activity is aimed at making profit. The real aim of government officials and deputies is completely different: the development of the country and the improvement of the well-being of the people. Time will tell whether the announced party will bring real benefit to the population of Kazakhstan.

29 06 2022, 10:31
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