Senate of Uzbekistan discusses national security measures

Members of the Senate Committee on Defence and Security presented performance indicators of the law enforcement agencies in 2021.

On April 26, the Senate Committee on Defence and Security held a meeting at the Senate of the Oliy Majlis. Chairman of the Committee Kutbidin Burkhanov, Commander of the National Guard Rustam Juraev, the experts of the Committee and the employees of a number of ministries and departments attended the meeting, the press office of the Senate reported.

The participants reviewed the national security measures taken in 2021 and the first three months of 2022.

Commander of the National Guard Rustam Juraev reported that jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 200 criminals were detained, 800 crimes were cleared, more than 2,000 illegal firearms, including cold and small arms, 1,096 units of ammunition, 10,451 kg of psychotropic substances and 15 kg of drugs were found and seized during the reporting period. More than 1,000 environmental raids were conducted.

The adoption of a new security system in the capital allowed detaining more than 600 offenders and clearing 25 crimes in Tashkent in 2021.

The participants also considered the issues that will be discussed at the upcoming 25th plenary session, in particular the Laws On Security Activities, On Amendments and Additions to Some Legal Acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the improvement of legislation on firearms and the Cabinet of Ministers report on the implementation of the New Uzbekistan Development Strategy for 2022-2026.

27 04 2022, 11:07
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