IT training courses for health workers in Uzbekistan

The healthcare digitalization programme is being implemented in Bukhara Region.

The position of an IT operator is to be introduced at healthcare institutions of Uzbekistan – family polyclinics, medical centres and multidisciplinary central polyclinics. Nurses will perform these functions, whose duties will include the work with electronic documentation, the press office of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan reported.

This innovation is part of the large-scale work on healthcare digitalization, carried out in accordance with the Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan On additional measures for the integrated development of the healthcare sector.

In this regard, computer literacy courses are conducted among health workers in Bukhara Region. They include nurses and employees of health institutions.

It is planned to train more than 100 IT operators in the region. The training courses will be conducted in two stages.

The training courses aim to improve the effectiveness of digital transformations in the health sector and strengthen digital literacy of employees of health institutions.

08 11 2021, 09:39
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