UNICEF delivers 5,400 hand sanitizer dispensers to Turkmenistan

The total cost of the devices is approximately 132,000 US dollars.

Cargoes with hand sanitizer dispensers were delivered to Turkmenistan. 5,400 devices were given to Ashgabat by the United Nations Children’s Fund. Their total cost is 132,000 US dollars. It was reported by the UNICEF press office on social network Instagram on October 28.

Hand sanitizers were distributed as follows: the Ministry of Health received 3,400 classic devices, and the Ministry of Education received 2,000 contactless dispensers. They will be evenly distributed among medical and educational institutions throughout the country.

The main goal of this support is to expand infection control and hygiene measures in Turkmenistan, as well as to strengthen COVID-19 preparedness and response capacity of the state.

In the first half of October, the UN Children’s Fund delivered 618,250 surgical masks to the country. The total cost of the aid reached 200,000 thousand US dollars. Since the beginning of the pandemic, UNICEF has donated oxygen concentrators, baby blood pressure monitors, bags and boxes for biohazardous waste to Turkmenistan.

01 11 2021, 10:35
Photo source: unicef.org

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