Point of general lesson of Turkmen leader on 30th anniversary of independence

Honored teacher of Turkmenistan Hemra Aramedov recalled that «education and science are the basis of upbringing».

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, as well as the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, held a general lesson for the representatives of the younger generation of the state. First, he focused the attention of the audience on the fact that this year the country celebrates a significant date — the 30th anniversary of its Independence. This is an important historical stage passed by the state. This date stimulated fundamental changes in all areas, including education.

The representative of the educational structure, Honored teacher of Turkmenistan Hemra Aramedov in interview to CentralAsia.news analyzed the corresponding large-scale event.

«Show me your teacher, and I will tell you who you will be»

Turkmen education is a rapidly developing, improving and transforming sphere. The care of the state for the younger generation is based on national traditions and world standards. Young people should grow up educated, capable of creativity, competitive and embodying the best qualities of morality and humanity.

It is no coincidence that during the speech, the President made a special emphasis on the importance of patriotic education. A full and happy life of the future generation is not only the aspiration of parents of children, but also an important guide for every worker in the education sector. Teachers are constantly improving the educational process. Time dictates the tasks for the formation of a responsible and professional image of a teacher.

Today, Turkmenistan has gained international recognition as a state that successfully implements youth policy in terms of education, sports, and a healthy lifestyle. Children in our society live and develop in a free format. The country came to this after a comprehensive reform of the educational system. A number of secondary schools and preschool institutions opened their doors on the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth.

Turkmenistan is open to the world, the world is open to Turkmenistan

The head of the state called on young Turkmen citizens to remember that Turkmenistan occupies a significant place in maintaining peace throughout the world. As a participant in world processes, the state advocates the establishment of universal peace, the development of friendly relations between countries, actively participates in joint efforts to counter threats and challenges that pose a threat to human progress. Also, Turkmenistan regularly puts forward constructive initiatives in these areas.

The policy of peace, broad cooperation is aimed at further integration of independent neutral Turkmenistan into the global community of nations. In addition to great political opportunities, this opens up vast world resources for a comprehensive and in-depth study of the unique cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, besides it contributes to the development of a multifaceted scientific exchange.

It is necessary to recall that the United Nations General Assembly twice adopted the Resolution «On a Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan», which became an international recognition of the efforts of the country on ensuring peace throughout the planet.

Spiritually and physically strong continuity

The President of Turkmenistan also noted the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We all know from childhood that movement is the key to a healthy life. Compared to the past, at present, physical activity has decreased many times, a sedentary lifestyle has become a common occurrence. The mass physical culture, sports and cultural and recreational activities carried out in our country are primarily aimed at stimulating the strength of body and improving the health of a person.

As you know, a healthy population is the most important resource of the state. Not without reason the ancient Greeks said: «If you want to be strong — run. If you want to be beautiful — run. If you want to be smart — run». Large-scale campaigns help to reach a new level of life, which is conditioned by a healthy and prosperous life. The new Turkmenistan needs a spiritually and physically strong continuity.

A number of anniversaries of Independence await healthy and purposeful youth. And at this time, in the year of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, the motto of the year has become the statement — «Turkmenistan - the Motherland of Peace and Trust». Young people understand that from the start of an independent path, the country has embarked on sustainable development and a progressive increase in the well-being of the population. The country is implementing ambitious projects aimed at strengthening the economic power of the state and increasing its international prestige.

The future generation will live in the age of high technology

The necessary thematic perspective of the lesson was the conversation about the transition to high technologies. The expression «XXI century is the century of digital technologies» has become a parable. It is important to be able to correctly and effectively use modern information technologies in everyday life. Vivid examples of the introduction of information and communication technologies are e-government, electronic document management, distance education, Internet commerce, various online services and other platforms.

Thus, the key aspect of the education sector is the preparation of a young cadre who is good at modern technologies and is well versed in the information world.

Almost all schools have IT classes that boost students' digital skills. The main task of such classes is to identify the most promising and capable students who want to continue their education in the field of innovative technologies in the future.

And in order for the kids to know technologies well after graduation from school, all first-graders are given laptops on behalf of the head of the state. The computers are manufactured in Turkmenistan.

09 09 2021, 09:26
Photo source: CentralAsia.news

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