Berdimuhamedov tells young people to follow instructions in his books

The President of Turkmenistan conducted a general lesson for the students on the occasion of the new academic year.

On September 1, on the occasion of the new academic year, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a general lesson for the students at the Congress Center. He made a presentation about the history of the country, duty and responsibilities of the young generation. It was reported by the state news agency «Turkmenistan Today».

As part of the lesson, he was reading out some parts of his books. He advised students to write them down in the notebooks and to follow the instructions unswervingly in all areas of life. According to the president, young people must continuously improve their minds and enrich their knowledge.

First of all Berdimuhamedov read out a part of the book «The Spiritual World of Turkmens», which notes that heritage is education, and the basis of education is science and education. Then he turned to his work «Turkmenistan — Home of Neutrality», which emphasizes that independence and neutrality are two wings of the Turkmen statehood.

The head of the state underlined that the image of the country directly depends on the ability to glorify the homeland, and that the corresponding skill is the duty of every young Turkmen citizen. He also encouraged students to play sports on a regular basis.

Then Berdimuhamedov turned to the following books — «Source of Wisdom», «Akhalteke, Our Pride and Glory», «Turkmenistan — the Heart of the Great Silk Road», «Turkmen Culture».

03 09 2021, 09:48
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