Innovative schools based on global patterns open in Nur-Sultan

The modern ‘temples of knowledge’ will combine domestic and advanced international teaching practices.

On August 31, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin attended the opening ceremony of the new modern schools with the advanced content systems – BINOM and Quantum STEM School in Nur-Sultan, the press office of the Chairman of the Government of Kazakhstan reported to

The modern ambitious idea of modernising the national education system is being implemented through public-private partnership by BI Group together with the Nur-Sultan administration. The BINOM School model is a new brand incorporated into the national concept of general education. In total, 6 schools of this type will open their doors in Kazakhstan this academic year. Up to 4,000 schoolchildren will attend classes in 2 shifts at each school.

The teaching process will be based on the domestic practices and advanced international systems of Finland, Great Britain and South Korea. Moreover, these schools will provide in-depth teaching in mathematics, exact sciences and engineering, using the experience of Singapore and the United States.

The school visited by Askar Mamin occupies an area of over 22,000 square metres. It has 127 classrooms, 9 laboratories, co-working areas, robotics rooms, smart classrooms and a cinema.

Askar Mamin talked with the teaching staff of the new school. It consists of 300 teachers. They have gone through a two-stage competitive process at the republican level before being enrolled in schools.

01 09 2021, 09:07
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