Ashgabat Palace of Children and Youth organizes 26 free clubs

A large educational and cultural center will be recruiting students until September 10.

A large educational and cultural center of Turkmenistan, the Palace of Children and Youth, continues to recruit students for 26 various clubs. The corresponding process will be completed on September 10. The classes are free of charge. It was reported by the electronic newspaper «Golden Age» on August 24.

Recruitment is carried out within the 2021-2022 academic year. The lessons will be taught exclusively by highly qualified teachers. All the classes will be held in two shifts to make it comfortable for school students.

Children aged six or over are allowed to be recruited. Children aged five can still be a part of dance club. It is important to note that in addition to dancing, the list of offered educational areas includes theatrical art, playing folk instruments, expressive reading, art craft, architecture, carpet weaving, embroidery of Turkmen national ornaments, knitting and sewing.

The Palace of Children and Youth also offers classes focused on studying foreign languages, in particular English. In addition, the educational center will organize computer science club.

For more information please call +993 (12) 27-54-43 or +993 (12) 27-54-44.

27 08 2021, 09:50
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